Advanced Free Earthquake Tracking & Notifications

GeoTremor combines quake mapping, data charts and alert notifications into a single clean looking and simple to use application, while still providing ways to customize it for your needs!

Whether your interests are global or local or both, you can set it up to quickly provide the data you want. There is also an earthquake preperation guide so you and your loved ones can be ready.

Detailed Info for Each Event

Get geographic location, size and status information, along with pop-up boxes explaining what each word means.

You can also see the distance away from you, share the event, and if you felt it, report it to the USGS

Including Map and USGS reference of each event

You will find a zoomable map for each individual quake, and a link to the USGS detail of the event if you want more information.

Quakes that have pager alerts attached to them, it will also show graphs that estimate economic and human loss

Full Zoomable World Map

Dual markers show the point at which the event occurred, the color based on alert value, and relative size of the event based on the magnitude.

Different Map Views

Switch between street and terrain maps to get a better view as to the area. The maps also include the major tectonic plate lines where most earthquakes occur.

We have lots of Charts!

Over 15 different bar and scatter plot charts for examining the data from many different angles.

with lots of possibilities!

Views by magnitude, intensity, significance, location, date, quantities in an easy to understand visual representations.

Charts can be filtered

Dynamic filtering across multiple data sets to drill down to the info you want to examine while you are looking at it.

Color coded and easy to read

Even on a small screen, there is a lot of power and potential in what is available, and more charts will be added in the future

Clickable for More Detail

Selecting a datapoint on the chart will open up more detailed information on that event.


When a significant event occurs somewhere in the world, you will know when it's been reported by the USGS. You can also receive notifications of signifigant quakes when they are reported!

Create your own Groups

If there are certain areas you want to watch, you can create your own groups within a specified range, magnitude, and history. If you are interested in earthquakes around a certain town or geographic region, create a separate group for them!

Same Functionality, Localized Areas

Groups have all the same functionality as the primary list, including the maps and charting, so you can still examine the data in the same way you would anywhere else. Additionally on the maps, it will show you the radius of the outer limits of the area you are watching

Filter the Results

Filter the primary list by whatever data you choose, you can set filters temporarily, or set them as a default for whenever you use the app.


Get notifications when earthquakes happen close to you, you can set the range and minimum magnitude, so you can get the alerts that are important to you.

Choose Your Own Settings

Instead of a pre-set range, you can select from different ranges and time periods for the default display.

You can also set the time and distance for the scale that works best for you.